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Forever in pursuit of creating random things

that hopefully make the world a little better



Hello, I'm Anh & I never quite mastered the art of introduction.

I lived in Hanoi, New Delhi, San Francisco, and Boston before moving to New York where I live in a tiny apartment with my not-so-tiny boyfriend and cat. I don't know how to swim or play sports but I walk a lot. 

I'm a big fan of technology and obsessively try to think of ways we can use it for good. I'm not quite there yet but I believe in order to create something great, I need to start creating even the smallest and silliest of things.

Things I am crazy curious about/in love with:

  • Design

  • Interactive Art

  • Upcycling clothes

  • Supermarkets in foreign countries

  • Technology x Psychology

  • Mental Health

Things I'm trying to learn:

  • Blockchain

  • Javascript/React

  • Meditation

  • How to be a better friend/leader/motivator

  • Swimming


"Dot org?" "Yeah it's not for profit. They really just want to get the information out."


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